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There is no point to this blog.. this is me basically talking to no one in particular about whatever is on my mind. Some days I'm opinionated, others I could care less. I'm just a 20 y.o. girl trying to make the best out of my life as possible. Oh yeah, and I never use anyone's real name.. or my own for that matter. I really don't want anyone to know who I am, however.. if you guess correctly, you might win something! ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Abortion and Loud Mouths

Yeah, long day of school.

I'm still in a little bit of a bad mood from my last class..
Psychology: the study of human sexuality

Right now we're actually touching the topic of abortion, and while saying that you woud probably think that I'm going to go off on how everyone is a moron for having the wrong idea. However, that is NOT the case.
The discussion went very smoothly actually.. except...
I am SO sick of people in class that feel that it is their DUTY to contradict everything the professor is saying. It's one thing to be an inquisitive student, it's another thing to just be idiotic and annoying because you're ideas are obviously false and you're just talking to hear yourself.
Really, that's what some of these girls do.. every class. And it's getting really old.
The one class that I actually have an incredible interest in is shot down the gutter every time because I'm forced to listen to these people try to argue with the professor's statistically proven facts.
Not only that, but we watched a video (a 2 yr. old video, mind you) from a Nighline program about the issue of ProChoice and ProLife and something that I noticed that was extremely painful to accept was that EVERY single ProLife head/chairman/speaker.. was a man. And as for the ProChoice? All women.
It really irritated me.

That being off my chest, I don't want to talk about anything else.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Catch Up!

So I know how I work, and I've known for awhile..
And going into the situation with J.. even with how wonderful and fun it was, I knew that the feeling, that giddy feeling you feel in your stomach, the excitement and the daydreaming and the basic 7th-grade crush feelings of fun, would all come to an end.
There's a line, and once that line is crossed with intrests, such as J, that are purely infatuations, its all downhill from there usually.

I hate how I studied this in school. Makes me constantly evaluate everything about myself.

Anyway, so, I knew that since this thing thats been going on with J is nothing that I could ever see as being a committed relationship or even something extremely intimate, it was purely passion, that all that passion and excitement was going to fade.

And sure as the sun will rise in a couple hours, it did.
We crossed that fine line ((nothing too extreme mind you))-- but the line was crossed-- and once it was.. something in me for him died.

I don't want to think about it anymore.
Work. Same as usual.
Slow tonight actually, but last night we were packed all night. Starting at the 8:30p dinner we were at full or over capacity the WHOLE night.

Crazy times they were.
The new girl almost got smacked. By me of course..

I just have a serious issue with other servers who are knew who think they can just come in and do what they want because they have years of experience.
Words of advice.. if I tell you how to do something, or where something goes, then take those words and remember them.
It's annoying when you tell someone over and over where the server books are kept and they still put them wherever they want.

Or tell them shortcuts on the computer that they refuse to use.. even though they're taking up so much time on the ONE server terminal that we have, that the other server and I are having to wait nearly 5 mins to ring in drinks for our tables.
It's very rare I get put into the weeds at work, even with 9/10 tables going, I'm good about holding my cool and taking care of everyone.. until I've got a slow server weighing me down, and jumping in front of me on the computer when she knows she's going to take forever and I'd only be a couple seconds.
Not only that, but she's been late to work by 45 mins or more 3 days this week.
WTF is that.
And she left last night without checking out with me.. she didnt roll silver.. didnt clean... all she did was stock ice which is why we have a server assistant. So the other server and I got screwed again by having to do all her stuff.
I really didnt need all that crap after a week of midterms...
Which by the way..
School.. going ok.
Psych i have an A
Govnt I have a B
and well.. we wont talk about history.

work in less than 8 hours, goodnight.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm OFF!

So much is going on..

Tomorrow morning at 5am my mother and I will be heading to Northlake mall to start our 60 mile march of madness/death.
Susan Komen Breast Cancer 3day 60 mile walk.
Oh yes.
I'm thrilled.

Actually, I really am kind of excited about it. However, it's already after 10pm and I really need to get to sleep but I can't remember the last time I made it to bed before midnight. Working in the industry that I do, my bedtime is around 4:30-5am. That's just the way it has to be.
Now every day of this walk I'm going to be up at 4am..
what a change..

Well today with J was interesting. I was really hoping to be able to see him, but was unsuccessful in doing so.
I feel like now I've gotten over the obstacle of giving him my number, well.. I just want to jump ahead to the next step and hang out. I'm really anxious, it's annoying me.
However, we managed to pass a few text messages to each other today, all in fun and flirting and even managed to talk on the phone for a good 5-10 mins.
I'm going to get annoying, I can already sense it.

Well, I'm off to try to get SOME sleep..

It's About Time!

Wow, what a day this turned out to be.
So yesterday was cool and whatnot because I found out about my good grades.. and had a training server to work my section for me.. yet I was all upset about punking out on Monday with J.
However, that all changed today.

I actually got to sleep in for the first time in, oh.. I don't know.. FOREVER.
It was Glorious -- to say the least. Nothing like a little puppy-snuggling session till mid-afternoon.
When I finally decided to pry myself out of the comforter, I took myself over to the mall and had a little solo shopping trip, which turned out to be awesome. Came home, spent some more time with the pup.. then headed off to work.

Well.. I knew whats-his-face was supposed to come in and see me.. since he did promise, however I was not expecting him to be there the second that I walked in the door..
Which is probably why it took me forever to realize that he was there.
A smile across the bar later and my mngr sends me to CVS to pick up random needed necessities.
I come back, get everything settled.. and head over to the bar to go talk to my beau.. and behold.. he's gone.
** Wtf **
So, I stroll to the front door only to see him and friend getting in his car and leaving.
I interrogated the bartender in as much of a non-stalker manner as I possibly could and found out that he was off to the baseball game. He'd be back.
Me.. thinking: Well, he damn well better be because I'm not letting this night end w.o. him having my effing number.

Braves game over.
Much time passes.

Even more time passes.




I had almost given up.
And then there he was (and that's not a "WOW! THERE HE WAS!" it's more of a .. "where the hell did you come from? I thought I watching the door like a hawk, how did you get in w.o. me noticing?" kind of astonishment)

So the next couple hours consistedof: Mimi coming in an having a few too many beers and shots hanging out with some regulars.. J hanging w. his friends and talking to me whenever I wasn't busy, me arguing with an ass at my table.. and other random restaurant crap.
So finally Mimi takes it upon herself to talk to J..
mind you, she's the only who really knows or has a passion for the fact of how much I like J and want him to have my number.
So of course, she says things to him, knows he likes me, knows I like him, spills all the beans, whatever. She basically SAVES me.
A little while later, after me hiring someone to get her away from him before she spills all my dirty secrets to him in her drunken stupor, he starts talking to me again.
Talking about leaving. To drive his friend home. He doesn't want to. But he has to.
((no no no, not good))
-nervousness kicks in-
+mind says.. just give him your number, tell him to call you, you want to.. he wants you to, but he wont ask because he doesnt want to step on anyones toes, because hes more of a gentleman than that+

*Blank stare*
Him: Why are you looking at me like that? haha, what are you thinking?
Me: *sly look* I can't tell you what I'm thinking.. I'm not supposed to.
Him: How about this, since you won't just give it to me, I'll ask. Let me have your number so we can go out sometime.
Me: *look of fake astonishment*
Him: Oh, don't act stupid, you know you want to, you know that I want your number, and we both know that we want to hang out so just give it to me.
Me: *laugh of relief*

Wow. I've been waiting weeks for THAT.
I'm such a pussy. Had Mimi not said anything to him about how he's not really stepping on toes since this is something that I want, I would have been screwed because I'm sure I never would have given him my number.
Props to Mimi.. she's getting a kick ass xmas present from me!

Wow... well now I'll be on cloud 9 all weekend during my 3Day Breast Cancer walk that I'm doing..
and I am MOST DEFINATELY looking forward to Monday :) and Tuesday :) and Thursday :) of next week.
Good times ahead.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Was I Thinking?!

Got my test back from Sex class and with the curve I made a 94.
I'm good. Yeah.
That really made my day today.
That and the fact that I had a trainee at work so she ran my section while I kinda loafed around and cleaned tables-- which worked for me since we all know how sick and tired I am of everyone.

Last night was a pretty good night. I say that and I really think the only reason why is because J came in.
We were actually really slow considering it was Monday Night Football, but for some reason, it was ok because I got to work with Mimi.
But yeah, good night because of J. Even though I'm a total chicken shit..
I spent my whole week wondering why I didn't give him my number on Tuesday.. when I knew he was blatenly hitting on me..
I spent my whole week going over and over the next time I would see him (which would be yesterday) and what I would do when I did see him.
So.. what did I do? You may ask yourself.
I punked out. We talked and whatnot, had a good time with it, flirted a little. The air was a little different though, I think it's because he knows he admitted to liking me.. and I nearly admitted the same to him. So now it's time for a move.
Hm. I tried. Kinda.
I had a pen in my hand, and there was paper on the stand up front where we were talking, and what did I do?
I talked to him, then watched him walk out the door.. all the while holding my pen and the words in my mouth, "let me give you this."
Punk. That's what I am.
Even after getting busted by Mimi who is all for me going for this guy, I looked out the window to watch him pull his car out of the parking lot and I wanted to.. with all the might and courage that I had at that moment.. to run out there and change what I didn't do.
But I didn't.

Tomorrow is another day. He promised to come see me. We'll see what happens.
Other than that, it's an easy day. No school.. no work until 7. I plan on enjoying the day with my dog and doing a little shopping.
Oh yes. Good times.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Make It Fade Away

This whole week: completely unproductive.
-I've missed nearly all of my classes, minus the one that I had a test in..
-I've worked, but hardly made any money.
-My boyfriend was mugged at gunpoint just two blocks away from our apartment.
However, the week is over, and things shall be getting better.
It will be an easy weekend I'm sure, considering I've day-bar shifts on fri/sat and a bar double on sun.
Not too bad, at least I have the nights off to enjoy a little bit.

Good news from Trish, she's actually making A's up there in UGA. Glad it took her till her 3rd year to finally completely get her act together. She's so smart, I'm glad she's finally showing it!

Work has been a little crazy this week. J stopped by a couple times which actually made some of the shifts entertaining and hopeful. Him being there was just a way for him to affirm the attraction that I always thought was there, going both ways. It's a little wierd to think of it though. I try not to, but it's really difficult.
Being in a class that concentrates on the study of human sexuality has really helped me to understand why I am the way I am sometimes.
J, aside from being attractive, has an amazing day job.. one very reputable and on the weekends he does one small job on the side for fun.. responsible (well.. as far as I can tell, remember, I said infatuation), funny, goofy, serious at times.
Ugh, what am I talking about?
I get so into thinking about what a great guy he is, and forget that where I am right now, that doesn't matter. But I can't help but think that I could possibly be missing out on something really great. I feel like I'm ready to get out of this box, change the scenery. Maybe.. if only for a day..
It's time for this infatuation to fade, though I don't think it will any time soon.

The neighbors are really starting to get annoying.. these punks that live down the hall from me. I've been putting up with for way too long already. They're always out in front of MY door because that's where the balcony is for this floor.. and the stairs to go down to the main level.
However, I wouldn't have a problem with them hanging out out there if they would clean up their cigarette butts and beer cans and be a little more curtious when it comes to the noise level.

I came home from my Tuesday night shift at 1:15am.. and there they were, all sitting and standing out there smoking like it was their last day and downing cans of Bud.. I tried to go to bed but I was kept up until 3:30am because of their hooting and hollering, sounds of smashing beer cans and glass breaking. I had to get up at 8:30am the next day for work.. and when I left, there was broken glass all down the stairwell and also in the parking lot (because that's what the balcony in the hallway faces).
I mean, how rude and discusting and disrespectful can you be?
I had to work a double that day too, and I was the closer, and I couldn't nap on my break because I had to study for a quiz.

So... coming home from work last night.. it's about 3:30am and I walk up the stair and into the main hallway to find a whole bunch of beer cans, cig. butts and wrappers and
beer bottles. The whole hallway reeked of beer.
You would think these guys would have something better to do every night of the week besides sit out there and make a mess and get drunk, ya know?
Whatever happend to school, or having a job? I don't get it..
Or how about just partying in their OWN apartment instead of right outside MINE?
Well, needless to say, after dealing with drunks all night long and having to clean up for them, I was pissed to see this mess again, and instead of leaving it for maintenence like they always do, I picked it ALL up (every butt and wrapper) and put it all on THIER doorstep.
Let's hope they get the hint.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rattle My Cage

So what do you do when you've already invested so much into something and you're just ready to end it? I'm tired of being fed up and unhappy. It's not fair to anyone.

Maybe I'm not ready to give up, maybe I don't want to end this..

I think the really sad this is that I'm ready for it to be over and he is not.
It wouldn't be this way if he would just do something.
I mean, I'm stuck living and sharing the bills with a college drop out that hardly goes to work.
But don't get me wrong, he pays for everything, with all the money from the side job..
How aweful is that? That I sit here and let him buy huge, flat screen tv's, and spoil our dog, and deck out our apartment with his 'other' form of income...
Dealing with it has gotten worse, not better, over time. I wasn't expecting that.
Then again, it never used to be like this. In the begining we were going to classes together, and working and struggling to make ends meet.
I loved it.

Now, I work all the time, study hard, and still have a good time while he sits on his ass and plays videogames, or buys and watches dvds, hangs out with all his other friends that aren't in school... where is he going? Nowhere.
I don't want to get sucked into that. I don't want to deal with that anymore. And I've tried the talking thing. We've talked numerous times. I've tried arguing, tantrums.. the whole nine.. leaving him.
All for nothing. Only to end up right back where we were.

So I'll try it again, the talk, the argument, the leaving, the crying, the puffy eyes.
And it will get me nowhere. I just want him to do something with his life, stop being so lazy.. stop giving up all his shifts at work..

It wouldn't be so hard to just tell him to take his shit and leave if he weren't so wonderful in every other way.
It wouldn't be so hard if he wasn't such a great friend, goofy and comfortable around me, understand me as me and me as a girl. He's truely one of the nicest, sweetest and caring guys out there ever, and anyone would vouch for that.
So now what?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Some things you should know...

Ok, so maybe I was a little more pessimistic than I should have been yesterday by listing all the bad things about being in the restaurant business...
Well... not ALL the bad things, really it was only a small fraction of them, but regardless, it was very pessimistic of me, and well, that’s just not me.
But to be honest, those are all a lot more easy to deal with when compared to some of the other shit we (us servers and bartenders) have to put up with.
And some of these things may not seem like a big deal, in fact, they’re quite trivial.
However, when dealing with them all night long, every night, it gets old and worn out. And not the good old and worn out like your favorite pair of jeans that fit just right. This is the old and worn out of a car that’s 25 years old or something and is about to drive you up the wall because it just can’t make it up the hill anymore.
Allow me to get to the point—and just so we’re clear... some of these things are exclusive to my establishment however they may also apply to other restaurants similar to my own.
Some things you should know about restaurants and the staff that runs them:

-You and your party come and seat yourself.
Why would you do that? How many (non fast food) restaurants have you been to where they actually allow you to seat yourself? In a restaurant there are numerous servers that are working the floor, they have sections, and in order for it to be fair to everyone that is on the floor the tables are rotated amongst the different sections. I feel dumb having to point this out but some people just really don’t get it.

-You pull your own tables together.
Rude. Would you walk into someone’s house or apartment and just start rearranging their furniture? Would you like it if I walked into where you worked and started moving things around? Sure... we do move tables for larger parties,--notice how I say, “WE move tables…” however, we have a system that we follow, and obviously you don’t know that system so don’t touch our tables. All you have to do is tell your server what you need and we’ll work it out for you.

-One person at the table asks for water. No prob. I ask, “Would anyone else like water?” No one speaks up. I bring the water out and someone at the table says, “Oh, I want water too,” or, “Hey, where’s my water?” And this doesn’t have to be just water. It’s the simple fact of… “Hey, anyone else need anything? No? Ok...” coming back and someone needing something... “Anything else? No? Ok.” And it’s perpetual. You’re then running your server, and most likely YOU are not there only table. As nice as it would be for us to have only one table at a time, we would not make any money.
Figure out what you need, all at once, when your server/bartender asks you and we’ll bring it all at once. Wouldn’t that make a lot more sense?
This also plays along with the whole “listen-to-your-server-when-they’re-at-your-table” situation.

-Another thing that’s really annoying. I work in a very small restaurant, when you walk in the first thing you see is a wall of
beer taps (45 to be exact). It’s REALLY hard not to notice this. When I come to your table the first time and give you a DRINK menu... and introduce it as a DRINK menu—look at it. It’s for your own good.
That way I don’t come over to your table a couple moments later and have you ask me, “Hey, whatcha got on tap?” In which case I will either:
A. Pick up the drink menu, open it, put it in front of you and point and say “all 45 of those there.” And if you further ask me “are those your draft beers?” when it says so at the top of the list, I’m going to look at you and walk away, and let you figure it out on your own.
B. Or, I’ll be the smart ass that I love to be and start spouting off as many of the beers I can remember off the top of my head as fast as I can. J Because I can do that kind of thing.

-Another thing I have a huge problem with at my place… Group walks in door and I say “Hey guys, can I get you a table?” (Because our servers/managers are the hosts) and they say “No, we’re going to the bar.”
The group proceeds to walk to the bar and get their drinks, pays cash and sits at a table.
Many things can happen if you do this.
You will be completely ignored by the server of that section unless you decide to order food or more drinks.
You will be asked to order either food or another round (on top of the round you already have) if you want to continue sitting at that table.
You will be asked to get up because you’re an idiot and I already tried to get you a table so now you don’t get one.
Don’t ask me for water. If you do I will bring you a
bottled water with the tab that charges you 3.25 for it because I don’t have time to be running around catering to people in my section that only want free things. I’m here to make money, I go to college, I’m poor, and I don’t care what you think to be honest.

Questions/Comments I love:

“Are all those taps on that there wall real?!”
-No, they’re not. They are all hooked up to 5 huge kegs of Miller Light, so I hope you don’t mind. Stupid.

“What’s cheap here?”

“We’re going to a show and we have to be out of here very quickly so can you make everything come out quickly?”
No, I don’t cook the food, and if you wanted a good meal you should have come out earlier, your best bet is to go to McDonalds. Sorry.

(And as a note… don’t be rude to your hostess/server/bartender. Ever. Did it ever occur to you that these are the people that control WHEN you get a table, WHERE you get a table... if you even get one, depending on how rude you are? Yes. We can do that. These people control how fast you get your drinks... because hunny, if I don’t like you, I’ll let your beer/martini/wiskey whatever sit on the bar until I’m damn well ready to get it and bring it to you.)

At table, on a Friday night in the middle of the summer, “Yeah I want a hot tea, and I want a cappuccino, and she wants a cappuccino and he wants water, and she doesn’t want anything, and can we get a basket of bread?”
-First off, it’s the middle of the summer, why are you drinking hot tea? Second thing, I know we’re an Italian restaurant and yes we have Illy coffee and it’s the shit... however, you see there are over 200 people in this restaurant, there are 2 servers working and you want me to actually make you a cappuccino? You’re fucking crazy. And sure, you can have all the bread you want, but it’s not free, so don’t get your hopes up.

Someone eats an entire entrée, I always ask after the first few bites if everything was ok... and if it is--good, great! Not to mention I make numerous stops by every table, so if there’s ever a problem I’m there for you. However, do not tell me, after you have nearly finished everything, that you didn’t like that at all... it sucked, it was horrible, and the worst you’ve ever had, blah blah blah. It WILL NOT be taken off the tab. Food isn’t free if it’s eaten. Sorry. I’ll let the kitchen know that your food wasn’t enjoyed that way they’re aware... but you had plenty of chances to get a new meal from me and you didn’t take it. That’s YOUR fault. Not MINE.

*Something else important: If you tip badly WE WILL REMEMBER. I promise. Only one thing is easier to remember than a horrible tipper and that’s an incredible tipper. Bad tippers get their drinks last, see less of me, get no smiles and in turn, don’t have the same incredible experience they had the first time they decided to tip horribly.
Good tippers on the other hand get to see a happy server that would gladly get them ANYTHING they need.